USF2000 FAQs
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Q: What past experience do I need to have as a driver to compete in USF2000?
A: USF2000 drivers come to the series from a variety of different racing backgrounds. Most have done an extensive amount of kart racing in their home country. Some have graduated through amateur formula car series or even other non-formula car racing disciplines. Some come through schools like the Skip Barber Racing School, our Official Racing School, which offers a scholarship into USF Juniors Presented by Cooper Tires - the first step of the USF Pro Championships Presented by Cooper Tires providing a prize package exceeding $327,000 including a scholarship valued at more than $241,000 to advance to USF2000 competition. []
Q: I’m ready to join the series as a driver. What’s the first step?

A: A good place to start is by contacting some of our top teams to discuss organizing a test day. Private team test days are a great way for a driver to become familiar with the team and the car, and other team drivers. In this low pressure environment, a driver is able to learn quickly from their teammates and engineers, as well as gauge their learning curve and current level of competitiveness against current series drivers. A team listing with contact information can be found on the series website.

Q: How do I get a license for USF2000?

A: The license application procedures and cost details are outlined in the "Licensing" tab under the "About" section on the series website. Licenses are required for all series open test days and race events. Private team test days do not require a license to participate. 

Q: How much does it cost for a full season of USF2000 racing? 
A: The cost can vary considerably depending on what a team may include such as additional team testing, tire sets allotted, team location and more plus a team’s decision to help subsidize. With official series test days shifting to event weekends, race and series test budgets – not including private team testing – are expected to range from $275,000 to $325,000 (USD).

Q: What does the USF2000 Champion earn?  

A: The 2023 USF2000 champion will earn a scholarship valued at $433,200 to advance to USF Pro 2000 in 2024.