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Nate Aranda

Nate Aranda

#69 Team E-JAY


Birthdate: February 15, 2001
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Residence: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Website: WePursuit.com
Twitter: @ wepursuitracerz
Instagram: @wepursuit_racerz/
YouTube: Racer Z
Facebook: Racer Z




69, WePursuit

Nationality: American

Languages spoken: English

Height/weight: 5’6” / 135 lbs.

Education: High school graduate

Current sports played: Tennis, fly fishing

Charity work: I volunteer with Make a Wish Foundation and the Road Runner Food Bank

Favorite food: Sushi and blueberries

Guilty food pleasure: Last Call burrito

The one talent I wish I had: To be able to fly

The best meal I can cook by myself: Andouille sausage pasta

Racing goal: To drive in IndyCar or Formula One

Racing hero: Ayrton Senna

Career results:


  • Finished fifth in the Lucas Oil School of Racing Formula Series with a victory, a pole position, four podiums and 12 Top 10 finishes in 16 races


  • Tested Lucas Oil School of Racing cars