ArmsUp Motorsports Friday Report
 July 19, 2014| 
  • Team News

Aaron Telitz // #5 ArmsUp Motorsports // Qualified 6th,Best time of (1:120.719)

I had a fun time here at Toronto today. I trained my dragon during Practice 1 and Practice 2. By qualifying, I had a moderately manageable dragon, who at least wouldn’t spit fire at me every corner. I ended up wrangling that guy into 6th. Great job by ArmsUp for helping me get the dragon under control. I really enjoyed hanging out with group from Assured, my newest partner, today. They were wonderful Canadians. All Canadians are wonderful.

Peter Portante // #24 ArmsUp Motorsports // Qualified 7th, Best time of (1:10.846)
Today was a really interesting day. We missed traffic in the morning, so that was good. We got here in record time and had a really nice taxi driver. Lunch was good, I really enjoyed hanging out with the team. On track, today was really unfortunate, following our trend of this year. We were really strong in practice one with a third place, and 6th place in practice two. We really had the shot for 3rd with a couple more laps, but that’s just the way it goes. I was positive going into qualifying, but following the trend of this year, it really didn’t go our way. It’s unfortunate for the team. I really wanted a strong result in Canada. This is an awesome track. We’re going into a big swing of the season, and it’d be great to have momentum on our side. Hopefully we’ll make some adjustments and have a good car for tomorrow.

James Dayson // #16 ArmsUp Motorsports // Qualified 22nd, Best time of (1:16.642)
I’m super excited to be back, especially here at Toronto. First two practice sessions didn’t go well. I struggled a lot. We made a nice set up change for qualifying and I attacked a lot more. I picked up another 3 seconds and closed the gap a little bit to the front runners. I qualified P19. I’m starting from the back, which just means I need to work my way up from the back tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the races.

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