Tatuus USF-22
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Tatuus IP-22 | Tatuus USF-22 | Tatuus JR-23 Specifications


The same base Tatuus chassis is utilized in all three levels of USF Pro Championships, allowing drivers and teams to begin with the USF Juniors JR-23 and continue to advance up the world’s most complete driver development system with a forward-thinking three-step concept.

The equipment package will remain in competition for at least four more seasons through 2027.


Tatuus is world-renowned as a premier builder of formula cars. The USF Pro Championships concept is unique in that the same monocoque and many of the main suspension and bodywork components are common to all three series.

The chassis is a full carbon composite and aluminum honeycomb monocoque meeting current FIA safety standards including side impact panels, front and rear impact structures, HANS-compliant INDYCAR head restraint, front and rear wheel tethers and an upgraded front bulkhead structure for USA-specific oval racing circuits and a Halo-type device.

Common Specifications/Components (all three classes)

 108 inches/2743 mm
Width  61 inches/1549 mm
 Six-speed Sadev sequential gearbox
 Continental Tire-branded slick and rain tires
Springs  Hyperco 4” 36mm ID
 Tilton assemply
Yellow Light

The Differences

Top Speed

USF Pro 2000                      
 165+ mph
 145 mph
USF Juniors
 135 mph


USF Pro 2000                      
 1146 lbs./520 kg.
USF2000/USF Juniors
 1102 lbs./500 kg.



All series are based on the MZR 2.0-liter powerplant built by Elite Engines. USF2000 and USF Juniors are upgraded factory engines and are the same except for restrictor plates and mapping. USF Pro 2000 uses the same block and head casting but is race built with performance pistons, rods, camshafts and billet crankshaft. All engines utilize a fly-by-wire throttle system.


USF Pro 2000                      
 Sadev SL82 w/ limited slip differential
USF2000/USF Juniors
 Sadev SL75 w/ open differential



USF Pro 2000/USF2000     
 PFC calipers, rotors, pads
USF Juniors
 Brembo calipers, Tatuus F4 rotors, PFC pads



Choice of Cosworth SQ6 ECU and CFW277 steering wheel with integrated dash and gear change paddles; Cosworth Omega L2 data logger or Tatuus F4 style steering wheel with integrated dash and gear change paddles; Marelli SRG-141 ECU with internal data logger.

All series utilize USA-made wiring looms by Indy Wiring.


USF Pro 2000/USF2000     
 Dynamic DSSV cartridge dampers
USF Juniors
 Tatuus-Andreani F4 style shim dampers



USF Pro 2000/USF2000 - Rotiform Racing forged Technomesh mono-block alloy wheels, 13" x 10" front and 13" x 12" rear for USF Pro 2000 and 13" x 8" front and 13" x 10" rear for USF2000.

USF Juniors - OZ Tatuus F4 style aluminum wheels, 13" x 8" front and 13" x 10" rear.