Jamin Travels to Italy for Formula Medicine Program
 July 14, 2015| 
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Coconut Creek, Fla. -- During the very long break between Toronto and Mid-Ohio race weekends, Nico Jamin has been very busy testing and preparing physically and mentally for the last five rounds of the 2015 Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Powered by Mazda.

In three weeks, Jamin traveled from Toronto, Canada, to Paris, France, to Viareggio, Italy, to Mid-Ohio, Ohio, and back to France. Earlier this year, Jamin became a member of the prestigious All Road Academy, owned and managed in Europe by Nicolas Todt and his team.

One of the perks of joining the All Road Academy is visiting the prestigious Formula Medicine center to receive a full, physical evaluation. Of course, Jamin took full advantage of the offer and went to Italy to conduct a long list of tests.

Headquartered in a spacious, state-of-the-art facility in Viareggio, Italy, Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli’s Formula Medicine is the leader in the development of highly specific and innovative programs for the psychological and physical preparation of drivers, as part of a medical and scientific research project, which began in motorsport more than 25 years ago. 

Most F1 and top racing champions and drivers from around the world have spent time at Formula Medicine for an evaluation, for preparation for a season or an event, or for a simple medical check-up.

“This training week at Formula Medicine has been very useful for me and the rest of my season,” said Jamin after spending a week in Italy with Ceccarelli’s team. “I learned a ton of things about my physical preparation and also my mental preparation and focus. It will make me stronger coming to the last two events of the season. Also I'm very excited because I will have a chance to use Formula Medicine again the week before Mid-Ohio, since they invited me to come back to prepare me mentally and physically for the Mid-Ohio triple-header race weekend. They definitely have a great facility and a great staff, so thanks to All Road Academy for giving me the opportunity to work with Formula Medicine.”

In 1989, Ceccarelli, one of the most reputed doctors following the F1 world championship, came to the conclusion that there was a lack of knowledge regarding driver performance, and that drivers needed an appropriate framework for their psycho-physical preparation. That assessment led to the start of medical and scientific research, followed by the development of a Formula Medicine team of experienced professionals made up of doctors, psychologists, fitness trainers, physical therapists and nutritionists, capable of providing to teams and drivers a complete program of medical, athletic and mental assistance. To date, 75 drivers and 15 teams in F1, plus another 900 drivers from multiple series and from 45 different nations, place Formula Medicine in a position of world leader in its industry.

Following his week in Italy, Jamin flew back to the United States to attend the USF2000 open test with his Cape Motorsports with Wayne Taylor Racing team. Driving the No. 2 SYNOVA Eco Plastics, BRM Chronographes/All Road Academy Van Diemen Mazda, Jamin was one of the most competitive USF2000 drivers. In addition, on the last day at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Jamin topped all drivers and recorded the fastest time of the two-day test, showing that he will be one of the top contenders in two weeks during the three Cooper Tires USF2000 championship Powered by Mazda round, scheduled in Ohio between July 31 and August 1.

Jamin will be back at Formula Medicine the week before Mid-Ohio to conduct special preparation for Mid-Ohio, similar to the preparation given to top F1 drivers before important races in their season.

The valuable data obtained from monitoring body parameters of F1 drivers while racing, together with the results of tests carried out at Formula Medicine, universities and advanced research centers, have shown that the pace of a driver is mainly influenced by mental, rather than physical, performance, also highlighting the mental characteristics that make a top-F1 driver special. From that premise, a revolutionary system of preparation, called “Mental Economy Training®“, was created, with the purpose of optimizing mental resources. It is based on a set of tools and techniques, largely designed and developed by Formula Medicine itself, capable of providing an objective and integrated assessment of brain performance and energy expenditure.

Jamin leads the 2015 Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Powered by Mazda by 17 points. He plans to return to Ohio at the end of the month with an objective of harvesting maximum points toward the title that remains his primary goal for the season.

To learn more about Formula Medicine, visit formulamedicine.com.
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