Jeroen Slaghekke Gears Up for Championship Assault with Afterburner Autosport
 January 20, 2014| 
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The Hague - Twenty-one-year-old Dutch racing driver Jeroen Slaghekke has taken a big step towards reaching his dream of racing in the IndyCar Series this week. Slaghekke joins the USF2000 team Afterburner Autosport for the 2014 season where he will be gunning for the championship crown. 

Afterburner Autosport team manager Brian Tomasi is clearly impressed with the new young driver and is excited to have him join the team: “Jeroen is a pleasure to work with. He has a natural ability behind the wheel and gives technical feedback that corresponds with what the data says. Jeroen is a serious candidate for the championship!”

Slaghekke’s raw talent and fierce ambitions make him the perfect addition to the Afterburmer Autosport team and we wait with anticipation for the first news of success to come in. 

Slaghekke: “It’s a huge relief that I will be back on the grid for the 2014 USF2000 Championship. I’ve worked really hard to get this seat and I’m hugely grateful to my investors and Afterburner Autosport for this opportunity. I really enjoyed working with Afterburner [Autosport] last year and they have been looking strong; especially at the end of last season and in the collective test. I can’t wait to start the season with them. I’m ready!”

Slaghekke believes he has taken the best step forward to enable further improvements in his racing career and is more focused than ever to achieve top results with his team.
Anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with Slaghekke’s achievements can check out his website ( and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Slaghekke gives his followers an in-depth look into the world of a young racing driver – raw, pure and full of passion! 

Follow Jeroen:
Twitter: @JeroenSlaghekke
Instagram: JeroenSlaghekke1

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