Team Pelfrey St. Pete Recap
 March 12, 2018| 
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Pelfrey USF StP 2018
Julian van der Watt (No. 80 Race Driver SA / Crossley & Webb)
  • Qualifying One: 11th
  • Qualifying Two: 6th
  • Race One: 5th
  • Race Two: 11th

“It was a really good learning experience. I think we should really good potential and front-running pace. The first race we finished fifth after starting 11th and we were happy about. In the second race, we were up to sixth on the late race restart (second to the last lap) and we got knocked on the back of the car and a couple of guys came past. I think we’ve shown really good pace for the rest of the season and I’m really excited. The team did a great job and was amazing.”


Kyle Dupell (No. 81 Opal Creek Capital / Pro Race Management)
  • Qualifying One: 18th
  • Qualifying Two: 16th
  • Race One: 9th
  • Race Two: 15th

“Saturday was a lot better than today, which we really struggled. We made some changes to the car but the yellows (caution laps) really caught us out. I’m really happy with the weekend overall than when we started. I just want to thank Opal Creek Capital, Team Pelfrey, Mazda and everyone with the Mazda Road to Indy.”


Bruna Tomaselli( No. 82 Bruna & Bia)
  • Qualifying One: 13th
  • Qualifying Two: 7th
  • Race One: 7th
  • Race Two: 14th
“The first race of the weekend was good for us. We showed great pace and I think we started the race prepared and we worked hard the whole weekend. In the first race I finished seventh and in the second race, the track was quite different after the INDYCAR race earlier in the day and we ended up finishing 14th. We know I am competitive and the team is really competitive and we’re going to work hard at the next race.”

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