Kyle Kirkwood - Overall Start/Finish Positions (Class Positions Not Shown)
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Cooper Tires USF2000 GP of St. Petersburg-13/10/18St. Petersburg Grand Prix21
2Cooper Tires USF2000 GP of St. Petersburg-23/11/18St. Petersburg Grand Prix35
3Royal Purple GP supp. Lupus Foundation-15/11/18Indianapolis Motor Speedway12
4Royal Purple GP supp. Lupus Foundation-25/12/18Indianapolis Motor Speedway11
5Cooper Tires Freedom 755/25/18Lucas Oil Raceway11
6Cooper Tires GP of Road America-16/23/18Road America21
7Cooper Tires GP of Road America-26/24/18Road America41
8Cooper Tires USF2000 Grand Prix of Toronto-17/14/18Toronto Street Circuit31
9Cooper Tires USF2000 Grand Prix of Toronto-27/15/18Toronto Street Circuit51
10Cooper Tires USF2000 Mid-Ohio Grand Prix-17/27/18Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course11
11Cooper Tires USF2000 Mid-Ohio Grand Prix-27/28/18Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course21
12Cooper Tires USF2000 Mid-Ohio Grand Prix-37/29/18Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course21
13Cooper Tires USF2000 GP of Portland-19/1/18Portland International Raceway11
14Cooper Tires USF2000 GP of Portland-29/2/18Portland International Raceway31
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