ArmsUp Motorsports Grand Prix of Indy Race Two Report
 May 10, 2014| 
  • Team News

Peter Portante / #24 ArmsUp Motorsports / Plainville, Conn. / Started 14th, Finished seventh: 
"I’m not really sure how to judge this race. We started mid-pack, which unfortunately I’ve made a bad habit of. I consider myself a good over taker; I got myself from 14th to seventh and yesterday from 10th to fifth. This week we earned some good results for the team, and I don’t think we could have done much more without some cautions. Our pace was decent in the cars, so it’s on me and working on the team for strategy. I need to get better in qualifying at the front, and then we can make a lot happen. It’s so much easier when you start in the front."

Aaron Telitz / #5 ArmsUp Motorsports //Birchwood, Wis. / Started 12th, Finished 11th:

"Final day here at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I started Race 2 in 12th, based off of times from Race 1 the day before. I was slow because we left rain tires on the whole time whereas some of the back markers came in and put slicks on as the track dried. We had a bit of work to do for Race 2. I was up to ninth place in Turn Four when the line that I was in, someone missed a gear, so our line backed up a whole bunch. I fell back to about 18th place, and just kept on picking my way up. I made it back up to 11th. It’s an okay finish after this shenanigans, but I was looking for more. Our car has a lot of speed in it, so we’re looking forward to the oval in a couple weeks. Attention ahead.”

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