Intense Weekend of Learning for Nepveu
 August 31, 2021| 
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MILLVILLE, N.J., USA – Thomas Nepveu and his No.2 Cromwell | Karting Excellence | Home Hardware USF2000 machine prepared by Cape Motorsports were back at the New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) this weekend for three important rounds. This road course is complex to learn, and Thomas Nepveu finished respectively in 16th, 14th and 15th places.

Friday Testing
In the morning sessions, the team finished 11th and was able to learn what was needed to make improvements for the second sessions, and the changes paid off in the second session. The second session started with a mock qualifying run that placed Nepveu fourth quickest in the session. As that set of tires were off, other drivers mounted newer tires and moved in front of Thomas, who ended up 10th at the end of the session. The team was happy with the quick qualifying run on this twisty layout where it is difficult to pass.

Race 1 – 16th-place finish
After qualifying 16th, Nepveu had a difficult start, losing two positions in the early race shuffle. The narrow track complicates passing and Nepveu was only able to regain the two lost spots to finish where he started the race in his No.2 Cromwell | Karting Excellence | Home Hardware car.

Race 2 – 14th-place finish
Nepveu’s Sunday morning qualifying session was affected by a malfunctioning transponder which forced an unplanned stop in the pits to fit a new one. Back on track, the young driver was unable to put together a quick lap given the nature of the tight track. In the race, Nepveu ended up 14th.

Race 3 – 15th-place finish
The race was a busy one. “Things had gone well on the Friday practice, but my poor qualifying performance made things difficult for me in the races on this track where it is hard to pass. The last race was declared a wet one by the organizer, so we all had to start on grooved rain tires on what was in fact a drying track. I was called in by Coy Arbour [my sporting manager] to mount slicks on lap 7 and then ran for the rest of the race some 2 to 3 seconds per lap quicker than the leaders, who had stayed on wet tires. I was stuck in P19 and worked my way back to 15th at the finish. We needed a caution to get back up closer to the leaders, but none came. But it's over! So, we now go back home and focus on preparing for the last two races at Mid-Ohio, where I scored a fifth-place finish in our July race there,” declared the driver not entirely happy with his weekend results.
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