Team Pelfrey USF2000 Portland Recap
 September 3, 2018| 
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PORTLAND, Ore. – Jonny Baker, Team Pelfrey General Manager: "It’s almost surreal that the final weekend of the 2018 Mazda Road to Indy season has come and gone. What a great event IndyCar put on at Portland International Raceway and it was great to see the Team Pelfrey crew once again showing great speed and poise. The highlight was a well deserved podium for Julian van der Watt in Race 2 thanks to an incredible drive, Kyle Dupell with top 10 finishes in both races at his home event and Sting Ray Robb showing front running pace in Pro Mazda despite being compromised at turn 1 in Sunday’s race.

I can’t thank all of our drivers enough for their commitment to the team for the 2018 season, and we must all say a big thank you to Mazda for their incredible support of the ladder system these past 11 years.”
Julian van der Watt (No. 80 Race Driver SA / Crossley & WebbTeam Pelfrey USF2000)
  • Qualifying 1: 8th
  • Qualifying 2:8th
  • Race 1: 9th
  • Race 2: 3rd

"This weekend has been awesome. Race 1 was really hard, we had contact with another competitor, so we had to settle for 9th. Race 2, the car was amazing. The team has put so much time and effort into this year, so to finish off with a podium and a 3rd place is just the best feeling ever, I can't thank the team enough for this whole year, for today, just everything they have done. How I've grown as a driver is all because of them, so it's been an amazing year and this race is probably the best one so far for me, so it's just been amazing and I cannot say thank you enough."

Bruna Tomaselli (No. 82 Bruna & Bia Team Pelfrey USF2000)
  • Qualifying 1:15th
  • Qualifying 2:12th
  • Race 1: 18th
  • Race 2: 16th

“It was a good year,my second season in USF2000 and I learned a lot. Sometimes luck wasn't on my side when I was racing,but we stayed strong the whole year. Now I'm just thinking about next year and how we can be better.In Portland,I had problems in both races.We crashed in both races, but we showed that we were much stronger and fighting for positions in the top ten.”

Kyle Dupell (No. 81 Opal Creek Capital / Pro Race Management Team Pelfrey USF2000)
  • Qualifying 1: 12th
  • Qualifying 2:14th
  • Race 1:10th
  • Race 2: 10th
"It was the best weekend of the year for sure. Two top ten finishes in one weekend! I worked a lot this weekend on being aggressive with my passing. I think the whole year really built up to this weekend."

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